She received some really shocking comments for posting pictures of herself without makeup

Sadly, a lot of us have misinterpreted the term ‘beautiful’ completely. We tend to associate it with everything superficial and only accept what is beautiful on the outside rather than what is beautiful on the inside as well. Thanks to other factors like makeup and other technological advancements like Photoshop, one can even alter a picture to make it look beautiful with so called touch-ups. It has come to the extent that anything or anyone who looks even normal these days is considered ugly and is subjected to major ridicule on a constant basis.

Case in point: Em Ford, a woman who came up with a video to highlight how social media and other forms of media view beauty these days. In the video where she aims to highlight the amount of backlash a person can invite for not being beautiful, Ford posted pictures of herself wearing no makeup. All she portrayed in these pictures were her naturally pale and acne prone skin for all to see. The pictures were taken over a span of 3 months in which she recorded the comments that she received.

It is shocking to note that despite showing her natural beauty, Ford was ridiculed for her ‘ugly looking face’. She was also subject to immense hatred and cruelty as some people even asked her to die. Following this, Ford covered her face with makeup. However, this did not welcome any positive comments about her either. She was ridiculed for still looking ugly and wearing too much makeup.

Ford finally realized that no matter what we do to hide our flaws, the world and its people will always judge us and attempt to find flaws. Hence, the only thing one can do is to start loving himself/herself, realizing that he/she is beautiful no matter what! She also puts forward a strong message to all those who share her predicament “You are beautiful no matter what. Beauty is not skin deep and that is what matters.”