EIC Outrage on Women Vs Engineering Colleges

The recent controversy surrounding the Sai Ram Engineering College in Chennai and its blatant attempt to stifle freedom in the name of discipline is something the entire nation knows about. The college received flak from around the country for its dictator’s approach towards how girls should dress and behave like in college, not to mention what they could and could not carry in the campus. A lot of videos also came into focus, shedding light on the atrocities that college dished out on a regular basis. Well,  here is one such video that describes how each of the rules (or rather ‘Nos’) published in the college’s circular would have little or no effect at all.

The video starts with the hosts pointing out about Sairam Engineering College and the long list of Nos it printed onto a circular that was then passed around college. The team wastes no time in tearing into the circular and finding out ways to mock it. The first few instances would give you an idea of what we are talking about here.

Case in point: No Knot Type Backside Tops – Does this mean the girl can wear a front side knot top? And would there also be specifications on how many holes, gaps, frills and images it must and must not contain?

This is just one of the 22 ludicrous points dished out by the Chennai based engineering college. Check out what our folks in EIC have to say to these rules and laugh your head off.