Watch An Entertainment When Buzzfeed, ScoopWhoop And StoryPick Walked Into A Bar

The entertainment websites use various weird and strange ideas to bring an element of amusement in lives of people. When people are in hurry to check mails and worry about finishing work assigned, reading a listicle or watching a video based on funny idea or people expressing opinions about some intimate subjects for a moment of entertainment on these websites is refreshing. They write content every one of us can relate to and some of them are not only entertaining but also informative. The content writers research and provide a much needed entertainment to visitors.

Some of the leading websites like Buzzfeed, ScoopWhoop and StoryPick meet at a bar. This video shows what they talk about, what their core interests are and how they compare each other based on originality of content. Listicles, quiz, videos, public opinions, informative and inspirational articles, parody and opinion about current affairs are how these websites getting huge page views. They try to make fun of each other based on some weird and nonsensical lists, weird stuff and stupid ideas for articles. They also sing a song about their website and what they represent. The way of thinking of content writers of these websites have been presented precisely. The humor which they create on website and when they meet each other will make you laugh. Watch this video.