This Is The Kind Of Magic Happens When A Tight Lipped Person Speaks Up For Himself

It is a stereotype that those who can express themselves articulately can go places, while those who keep their mouth shut will get nothing. This is true up to certain extent. The history has proved that people like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein or J.K. Rowling who were shy, but expressed what is inside of them through different way changed the world. People who are assertive, articulate and outgoing have always been revered and look up to. They are considered as leaders. But, the world is changing and the criterion of an ideal leader is no longer about assertive, articulate and extrovert talkative people. In this era, it is more about listening than fast talking salesmen. Though, having great communication skills matter, expressing the feeling matter, but everything is not dependent on it. It is not a necessity. Being who we are matters the most.

This video is about a tight lipped person who always felt remorse due to talkative people were getting ahead of him in every aspect of life only because they were talkative. He worked hard, but someone else got promotion just because he presented it to boss. He wrote a poem for a girl he had crush on, but his friend recited her and got her. Many times, he felt the need to express himself; but didn’t express. Everyone started taking him for granted. No one valued him for his innocence, hard work and patience. When he realized that the world does not care about his contribution and respect is gone because he is quiet person, he decided to speak up. He confronted his boss and the way he took a stand for himself will blow your mind. The underrated tight lipped, shy and reserved people have capability to astound people when they expose themselves. Watch this video.