What will you ban next? A Thought Provoking Short Film

Not many knew about the censor board of India until a few years ago. The censor board is in charge of screening the upcoming movie Indian movie releases and issuing them certificates depending on the general age of the audience that can watch them. It is the responsibility of the censor board to ensure that any scene or view that is deemed objectionable according to Indian societal standards, is removed from the film before release.

However, of late, the censor board has started receiving a lot of flak for its supposedly one sided views on what should be and should not be censored in movies. The board and its members have taken it upon itself to chop off anything they want from the movies while retaining behind equally objectionable scenes just because they feel these scenes are ok to be viewed by Indian society.

The double standards of the censor board can be best scene in this short film where a woman director (the gender biasing starts here itself) is seen approaching the board to inquire about the certificate for her yet to be released film. The director of the board seats her down and begins a sermon on why her film cannot be released owing to its objectionable content. Watch as the director pours out her heart on what is wrong with the Indian system and the board’s way of perceiving things.