What If Ganesh Chaturthi Was Banned?

The entire nation is gung-ho about the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi festival, with literally every other street in India boasting of having its own unique Ganesh idol. While the festivities are on in full swing on one side, there is an inherent fear of something bad happening to the festival in the near future. Probably a ban, if sources are true. Shocked? Well take a look at the explanation given below by Rickshawali.

The Indian government has taken it in their best interests to ban anything and everything Indians love. And Indians love Ganesh Chaturthi. So this will ultimately lead to ….. Yeah you thought right! Probably a ban on the festival too. While we pray that day never comes, here are some things that would probably happen if the Ganesh Chaturthi festival was indeed banned, as explained by Rickshawali.

Saving Money: No more paying hundreds and thousands to the guys who collect money for the festival. No matter if you don’t live in the same locality, or no matter if you don’t even celebrate the festival. If they come, you have to pay. So no more of that if the Ganesh Chaturthi was banned. Peaceful Night Sleep: No more drums and trumpets disturbing your beauty sleep at night. All those 10 days of sleeplessness would vanish forever as you settle down in bed without worrying about being waken up by music blasting right outside your front door.

What else would happen if the Ganesh Chaturthi festival was banned, you ask? Well check the video to find out.