What Does Chennai Think About College Rules

cNo matter where you turn to in Tamil Nadu these days, the hot topic that is doing the rounds is that of stupid college rules targeting girl students. The reason for this can be attributed to the recent controversy courted by an engineering college in Chennai which had issued a circular that ordered girl students what to wear and what not to wear on campus. The circular sparked off a huge uproar against the students of the college as well as other neighboring engineering colleges as well. Most of the uproar was related to how these rules by the college had specifically targeted girls while leaving the male students scot-free.

Well, a team from Put Chutney decided to see just how frustrated Chennai was about these rules. So it went around the streets of Chennai, asking random individuals about their knowledge of these rules and whether they would support them. Here’s what happened in the video.

The host of the show asked the individuals which rules they would need to stick by as well as which rules they feel should not be allowed to be implemented in colleges which are co-educational. The individuals had many interesting takes on what the colleges in Chennai and the rest of Tamil Nadu would need to follow. Check the video to know more.