Watch How Bahubali Becomes Banubhali

We all know about them movie Bahubali which went on to become one of the biggest blockbuster movies India had ever seen till date. Praised high and mighty for its stunning visuals and larger than life action sequences, the film was considered by many as a milestone in Indian cinema. Well, here is a spoof of that very movie that would probably have you laughing your hearts out by the time you finish watching it.

Aptly called ‘Banubali’, the movie is all about one man called Banubali who raises to work against the forces that imposes bans on his country and its people. He solely fights off every ban ever imposed and even its creators. The story starts with Banubhali’s mother taking him across a river and asking he be kept alive in order to fight all the bans in the world. She leaves the world with the last words ‘Yeh Bans ko Ban Karega’.

Next we see the young Banubhali grow up in a village where literally every thing is banned. Banubhali is frustrated with the bans on eating meat, watching porn movies and so on. So he sets out on a voyage to the neighboring kingdom upstairs to see things are any different there. Unfortunately, the moment he climbs to the top, he finds out the area is no different and has in fact, more bans than those back home. That’s when he takes it upon himself to change the world and ban the bans themselves. Watch this hilarious spoof to know more.