True Love Still Lives – Meet the Indian Who Built Another Taj Mahal For His Wife

tRelationships have turned quite fickle in today’s world of changing lifestyles and preferences. Love is hardly given a second glance as those looking for a relationship prefer other parameters like a big home, a great career, a big bank balance and a life abroad. However, most of these individuals fail to realize that it is love that sets the strong foundation on which these pillars can be built. Without love, everything, including the relationship itself, will crumble to dust.

Luckily, there are still some true love stories today that remind us that all is not lost. These love stories prove that nothing can buy you more happiness than love. And nothing can give you a more fulfilling life than love and the person who offers it to you. Here’s a video that proves this perfectly.

Meet Faizul Hasan Quadri, a retired post master who lived a simple life with his wife until she died a few years back. It was a love cum arranged married for them and Hasan recalls how he loved his wife to death and still does even after she has departed from this life. He reveals how their childless marriage had his wife wondering about who would know about them after they died. Hasan decided then and there to keep alive their love story by building his very own Taj Mahal for his wife. And he kept true his promise by actually building one out of his own savings and effort. If this is not true love, what is we ask you?

You better watch this video with some tissue papers in hand. It is a tear jerker for sure!