How To Train Your Dad To Shop Online

Online shopping has become such a fad these days. Nearly anything and everything can be bought online. And as the new generation of internet savvy individuals, we take pride in getting things done in the most convenient of manners, thanks to the internet. But what about our parent, the not so tech minded individuals who still find it hard to sign into their email accounts? How do they find online shopping and the experience that comes with it? And what do they do when they want some help while shopping for something online? They call us of course! Here’s a brief lowdown on how that experience would be like. This video is an ode to all those individuals who strive to teach their parents to shop online.

So we have this dad who wants to buy something online from a website that has announced a sale. He finds the entire process arduous and ends up calling his son for help. The son advises the father to test the process first by buying something small. The father settles for a lungi and goes about checking for one that would fit his expectations. He keeps asking his son for more help in the form of silly questions. Find how the son tries his best to answer his dad’s questions and teach the latter about online shopping.