Top 15 Signs You are a Whatsapp Addict

Signs You are a Whatsapp Addict

The latest social platform to connect with friends while on the move is the Whatsapp meddenger that can be downloaded on all smartphones. There are some people who have taken this free messaging service mania to the extreme and are continuously online trying to ping someone, join groups or check the DP of people on their list. Here are signs that show you have become addicted to Whatsapp.

1. Restlessness

If you have not checked your Whatsapp every few minutes, you get restless to know whether someone has messaged you or not. Even if it happens to be the middle of the night.


2. Relationship Priority

You finally managed to ask your crush out on a date…and you spent the whole evening Whatsapping your friends about it.

Relationship Priority

3. Traffic Sign

Your family considers you a traffic disaster and refuses to let you walk anywhere because you’re constantly messaging.

Traffic Sign

4. Private Messages

You decide to have App locks installed so that no one has access to your Whatsapp data.

Private Messages

5. Status Checker

Some people feel that they need to check the “last seen” of their friends to know whether they are genuinely busy or just too busy to talk to them.

Status Checker

6. Frequent Updater

You know there is something to worry about if you constantly change your DP and status message to let everyone know what’s happening in your life.

Frequent Updater

7. Social Life

You feel like the Queen Bee with Whatsapp messages buzzing on your phone throughout the day. You never knew you were this popular.

Social Life

8. Stay Updated

While it is usually a good thing to stay updated, it can be quite depressing if the only thing you’re updated about is your contact list’s DP and status changes.

Stay Updated

9. Spammer

There are some Whatsapp users who feel the need to spam every group they are member of with jokes, good morning and good night messages and random images. If you have joined this much detested group then you need to get your addiction cured.


10. Hurdle In Friendship

If you get into a fight with your friend for not adding you to a group, you know you are in big time trouble.

Hurdle In Friendship

11. Life As You Know It

If for any reason your network has been giving you trouble or you have been unable to be online, you feel that life has stopped for you.

Life As You Know It

12. Keeping In Touch

You know that there is some serious issues you need to work out if you are having group chats with your family on Whatsapp instead of face to face.

Keeping In Touch

13. Crisis Situation

You get completely crazily panicked if you have misplaced your phone because you are unable to check whether people have responded to your texts or liked your Broadcasts.

Crisis Situation

14. Why No Reply?

If someone has seen your message but not replied for a long time you start worrying about the 101 possible causes for that. You re-read your text or stare at their dialogue box waiting for their reply.

Why No Reply

15. All Sorted Out

You have your life all sorted out by putting your contacts in different groups and managing them accordingly.

All Sorted Out