Top 10 Nostalgic Things We feel When We Meet Old Friends

Nostalgic Things We feel When We Meet Old Friends

Meeting old friends is like sitting with a bottle of wine and going through all the crazy stuff we did together. Here are the top 10 nostalgic things we feel when we meet old friends.

1. Young At Heart

When we meet our old friends, somehow time seems to rewind and we’re back in the youth phase once again! The memory that we have of our friends is of the time when they were short, skinny or geeky. It is definitely difficult to imagine them all grown up.

Young At Heart

2. Those Were The Days, My Friend

Back then life was so carefree and all you had to do was worry about how to date the hottest person you knew. People change over time, and don’t realize how much till they meet old friends. Sometimes the changes are for good, like when the carefree Aamir of Dil Chahta Hai becomes a serious businessman.

Those Were The Days, My Friend

3. Past vs Present

We still want to think that we are as young as we feel, not look! Remember the Google ad of two childhood friends separated by the partition, meeting because of their grandchildren? When they meet, despite their age, years seem to fall off as they laugh, cry and fight like children again.

Past vs Present

4. Gossip Girls

When old friends get together there is one topic which will never be given a miss – gossip! Everyone wants to talk about those people who used to annoy them the most! News of who’s who now or doing what or (worse still) married to whom is of utmost importance.

Gossip Girls

5. Going Back In Time

Every time old friends meet up, it is like time stopped, rewound and you’re back! So you remember all the things you could buy that are no longer available in the market like ice-cream sandwich or cola pops. Especially if the friends had been together in a boarding school, they have very fond memories of those days and do not tire of sharing them over and over again.

Going Back In Time

6. What’s In A Name?

There are some people whose first names you just don’t know! They were given a nickname and it stuck so permanently that even if you meet them after a decade, it seems more normal to address them by their nicks rather than their real names (which you may have forgotten as well!)

What’s In A Name

7. Childhood Dreams

In our youth we had dreams that were wild and far beyond our reach but we were full of hope that we will achieve it. However, life doesn’t always work out the way we wanted. But when we meet old friends we can once again experience our hopes and dreams – when they make fun of us for not becoming the next superhero!

Childhood Dreams

8. Group Vacations

No reunion of old friends can be complete without recollecting the crazy holidays spent together. Remember the Dil Chahta Hai gang trip to Goa and the silly things that happened on the way? We all have plenty of such stories to recollect.

Group Vacations

9. First Crush

Old friends have witnessed all your hits and misses and remember every embarrassing love story, even after all this time. In fact, if you are currently in a stable relation, chances are that they will regale your partner with the most embarrassing mistakes you have ever made!

First Crush

10. Partners In Crime

Good friends are the ones who bail you out of trouble. Best friends are those who are your partners in crime. When old friends meet, you get nostalgic thinking about all the classes you bunked together. Or the ingenious ways you got out of submitting an assignment!

Partners In Crime