Top 10 Lessons To Learn From Daily Indian Soaps

Lessons To Learn From Daily Indian Soaps

We may mock it or feel irritated to have it play in every Indian household every evening, but there is much that can be learnt from the daily Indian soaps.

1. Women Empowerment

The Indian women in the daily soaps are usually portrayed as the ideal bahus – docile and obedient. But hell hath no fury like a woman whose family has been scorned!

Women Empowerment

2. Sanskaar/ Family Values

If you have forgotten what the Indian sanskaar is like, watch an Indian soap today!

Sanskaar Family Values

3. Obedient Wife

The secret to a happy marriage is a wife who obeys her husband dutifully and without any questions!

Obedient Wife

4. Women And Technology

The evil lady in the episode may be causing a lot of chaos at home, but at least she is not technically challenged!

Women And Technology

5. Concern For Family Status

We are social beings and it definitely pays to remember that every action has an equal and opposite social reaction!

Concern For Family Status

6. Go Vegan

Ideally the Hindu religion encouraged Sattvik food in daily lives. The same is still followed by the soap stars!

Go Vegan

7. Walls Have Ears

A word uttered without thinking will always have severe repercussions even when said behind closed doors.

Walls Have Ears

8. Do Not Depend On Servants

If there is one thing that the daily soaps teach us, it is that the ladies of the house can manage their entire household (and huge houses they have) without any domestic help and still look gorgeous!

Do Not Depend On Servants

9. Ills of Child Marriage

There are some daily soaps that were started with a view to educate the audience about serious social issues such as child marriage.

Ills of Child Marriage

10. Ethnic Wear

If you are wanting to know what is the latest fashion in ethnic clothes tune in to a daily soap and get an eyeful of it!

Ethnic Wear