This Outrage of India Vs Beef by EIC is actually insightful

The Indian government’s ban on beef has been met with country wide criticism with many individuals coming forward to voice their displeasure in Prime Minister’s Modi’s attempts to destroy the nation’s secularism. Many a video has also been made centering around this incident. Here is just one of those videos that shows the outrage the beef ban has created around the country.

The video starts off with the host introducing himself as a Muslim. He then asks for every hater to take a few seconds to rant out their hatred against him and what he has to say. Following this, he asks everyone to listen to his words attentively. He then proceeds to reveal how the topic about legalization of consumption of beef has been going on in India for the past few decades.

He prepares to answer a few questions that he finds are necessary for one to understand about the beef ban and its validity. The first question he asks is what is beef? He then proceeds to rival the claim that Hindus don’t eat beef by stating that many Hindus in fact, do eat beef regularly. He then goes on to make some very interesting revelations of how the slaughtering and consumption of cows were in fact, practised by Hindus and removed only later on. Check this video out and tell us what you think. Should beef consumption still be banned in India?