This New Qawali By AIB Takes A Dig At FB Creeps And Real Life Creeps

The internet and Facebook have literally placed the world in the palm of our hands. However, as much as we are glad to Mark Zuckerberg for helping us connect with friends from around the world, there is no denying the fact that along with finding our friends, we tend to find some creeps as well. These creeps will usually be the ones who send  us lewd messages and stalk our online activity. But do they measure anywhere near the real creeps we face in the real world out there? This Qawali by AIB may just answer that question.

The hilarious Qawali features two teams comprising of ladies. One team represents Facebook creeps and while the other team represents real life creeps. The two teams are given a chance to voice out their opinions on which creep is creepier.

The team representing the Facebook creeps is the first to go. It’s members start off with how they open their profile every day to see tons of messages from unknown people complimenting their looks or passing lewd comments. They reveal how these messages make them realize that being stalked on Facebook is worse than being stalked by a real life creep.

But the team that represents the real life creeps is nowhere to be left behind. It bounces back with its own views of real life creeps. But wait, we won’t reveal anymore and spoil experience. Watch this one of a kind Qawali and enjoy the laugh riot.