This Is What We Must Hate – Things That Ruined Our Childhood

Childhood is remembered for a lot many cute and innocent things we have done that makes us laugh when we realize how naïve and stupid we were. But that is the age for doing those things. The tears in our eyes when a childhood friend shares those moments make it more special. But what about those children who are deprived of those crazy and innocent moments? What about those children who have some tragic things to remember? Aren’t they unfortunate ones? Yes, they are. It is a brutal truth. For a whole life, they have to live with those moments that they hate.

This video is not about a tragedy, but about those moments and things happen to us in childhood that we hate. We hate people, things, places and many more things associated with those moments. In this video, 5 things have been mentioned. First is, fancy dress competitions for which our parents are more excited to know how we look in those fancy get-ups. Second, Over-sized uniforms which have relationship with us like people made for each other have. Third thing is, threats our parents make to get the job done. It might be eating everything in plate or studying. Fourth is, guy best friends who make fun of girls because they do not have girl best friends. And fifth is, bollywood music that is our companion in time of distress, when we listen a sad romantic song. Watch this video to know more about these hateful things.