This Hilarous Dubsmash Spoof Of Dheere Dheere Is Better Than The Original Itself

You may all have heard of the timeless classic ‘Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana’ from the movie Aashiqui which released in 1990. In addition to launching its debut stars into the big league overnight, the movie went down as a cult classic thanks to its soul stirring sound track, featuring this song as well.

Now we all know who Yo Yo Honey Singh is. We also know what kinds of songs he is associated with. Hence, it came as a surprise to us when word of Honey Singh redoing the classic song from Aashiqui started doing the rounds. The song released and everyone was intent on listening to how the revisited version would compare to the original. Alas, it did not even measure up to the latter and ended up being a major failure.

Obviously peeved at Honey Singh’s successful attempt at botching up a perfectly soulful song, the team at Screen Patti decided to give the singer his due, by spoiling the song a little bit more. Here is what they came up with, a hilarious dubsmash video of the song that would have you reeling in laughter by the end for sure. This video is a clear example of why one should stick to what one does best and not resort to attempt something that does not work for him/her. Watch it!