6 Very Important Things You Need To Know About Ganesh Chaturthi

The entire nation is celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi on a grand scale. Idols of Lord Ganesh can be seen in every other home in the country while every other street has its own gigantic Ganesh idol. In the midst of all these festivities and parties, let us stop for a moment to think about one thing. How many of actually know why Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the first place? And how many of us know the reasons behind the myriad customs we follow during these 10 days. Well, allow popular television star Rithvik Dhanjani to explain about these reasons in detail.

Custom 1: Why is Ganesh veiled?

Tradition has it Lord Ganesh would need to see your home and your face first. His dharshan aka blessings should not be available to anyone else before entering your home. That is why it is considered tradition to cover Ganesha’s face with a veil before bringing him home.

Custom II: The importance of Dhruva

Dhruva is the grass that was used to appease Ganesha’s stomach when he battled and swallowed the demon Analasura. Hence, this dhruva is considered very important for Lord Ganesh and is a necessity in every puja.

Custom III: Picking the Flowers

The flowers used for decorating the Ganesha idol need to be fresh and not picked up from the floor. It is also considered a must to keep the flowers gently at Ganesha’s feet instead of throwing them above his head.

Custom IV: Why Ganesha Cursed the Moon

Looking at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi is considered bad luck. Apparently, the moon laughed at Ganesha when he fell down and broke his tooth. In a fit of anger, Ganesha cursed the  moon.

Custom V: The Many Names of Ganesha

Contrast to the popular notion that Ganesha has 108 names, the elephant god goes by 1001 names, including Vinayaka, Ganesh, Asta Vinayaka etc.

Custom VI: Who is Morya?

Morya was a saint who was a devout worshiper of Lord Ganesha. When the latter asked him for a wish, the saint asked for his name to be attached with Ganesha’s name forever.

So there you have it. These are some of the commonly unknown facts about Lord Ganesh and Ganesh Chaturthi. Now that you know them, take it upon yourself to have a blast this Chaturthi.