The Ugly Side Of Celebrities – Another Celebrity Gets Into A Scuffle With The Public In A Shop And Guess Who Gets Thrown Out

What would celebrities do to get their share of the limelight? To which extent would they stoop to enjoy their 5 minutes of fame? This video will tell you that!

Apparently taken by a bystander in a shop, the video shows exactly how many celebrities get away with their demeaning behavior in public just because of their social status. The woman in the video is Pooja Mishra, a celebrity contestant who participated in the reality TV show Big Boss 5. Yes, this is the same Pooja Mishra who had earlier gotten into a brawl with the staff at the Taj Dwaraka hotel for allegedly not paying up for some things she had broken in the room she had been staying in.

You would have got an idea by now about her behavior. But in this video, she exceeds all limits. You can see her talking on the phone to someone, describing the person standing next to her as a beggar fan. When the man protests, she openly taunts him with obscene gestures and then starts slapping and kicking him. When another man joins in to restrain her, she slaps him as well. After getting beaten thrice, the men shove her back.

The store authorities who were silent till then, suddenly jumped into action and ousted the two men from the store along with the guy who was shooting the video. The protests fell on deaf ears as the store openly sided with Mishra by asking her to stay inside.

Someone must do something to stop this nuisance and her outrageous behavior in public? Being a celebrity means she can’t get away with such behavior. She is a shame to all celebrities out there who want to maintain a good image in public.