The 6 Most Disastrous Typos Which Are Hilarious

Most Disastrous Typos Which Are Hilarious

It’s funny when people make small mistakes, like tripping on a stair or taking a dive on their belly in the pool! But when people on TV or in the media make mistakes…we all have quite a good laugh at that! Especially when the mistakes are typos! So here are 6 of typos that are going to make you burst in laughter the moment you see them!

Kunt Dies

This hilarious typo made while announcing the polar bear baby Knut’s death by NBC Chicago was kind of tragic, since that baby bear was cute!

Kunt Dies

Fag Disposal…?

Yeah, that’s exactly what this newspaper wrote. Quite embarrassing, taking into account LGBTQ issues have been quite popular recently! Unfortunate, though they only wanted to dispose of their flag, and not their fag.

Disastrous Typos

People Ejaculating?

This gaffe by Los Angeles’ KABC-TV is humongous! According to a transcript, it said the following: “firefighters to deal with not just fire, but with people in the middle of the road ejaculating”. Now, I’ve never been in a fire, but I’m pretty sure the average guy’s response to a huge fire wouldn’t be ejaculating in the middle of the road.

People Ejaculating

Insulting Book

So you go and open this book and start reading the Preface. Sorry, it’s actually the Peeface – because that’s exactly what you needed. A piece of paper to insult you.

Insulting Book

Weird Grocery Ad

Everybody goes to the supermarket to get their day to day shopping done. But what happens when you go to the canned food department and see this awesome advertisement for a 2for1 discount for Van Camp’s Porn and Beans?! Of course you take it! Oh, sorry, it was actually Pork and Beans. But who would refuse Porn?!

Weird Grocery Ad

Tribute For Sister Gone Wrong

This woman posted a tribute for her deceased sister in a newspaper, describing her smile as “special” and her face as “genital”. WHAT?! Wow, my dear, that’s some way to remember your sister! We’re sure she meant “gentle”, though – “genital face” sounds like something you’d call someone in the 5th grade.

Tribute For Sister Gone Wrong

So these are it – typos so good it’ll make you crack up just thinking of how the people who wrote them must have felt!!