Sting Operation On A New Way Of Accepting Bribe Featuring Bollywood Actor Saurabh Shukla

Due to lack of rain in the country, the problem of water supply is getting worse every day. The rainy season is meant to fill the dams and other reservoirs of water to be used every day, but the drought is making conditions severe. The government is limiting the water supply to major cities and if the situations continue, there will be an adversity in which people have to struggle to get water and food in ample quantity. Everything depends on rain. In this rainy season, if rain won’t fill dams, then how water will be supplied all over the country and from where a farmer will supply water to his farm.

The conditions will get severe and what will happen in government offices is shown in this video in a different but meaningful way. This video is about the string operation of Central Water Supply Minister. To approve certain projects, they take bribe in terms of money. But, this was the scenario before this drought and lack of rain. If it doesn’t rain, they will start accepting bribe as water bottles and people have to learn another way to bribe to get their job done. When he is caught on camera, a reporter asks him questions related to this and he answers hilariously. Watch this video.