This Post Mortem of the movie Singh is Bling will leave you in splits for sure

We have all heard of movie reviews. But how many of us have actually heard about a movie postmortem? Well, here’s one that is surely gonna tickle your funny bone. This video claims to be a postmortem of the Bollywood movie Singh is Bling which is running successfully in theaters. The film may be doing good business in the box office, and may be nearing the 100 crore mark. However, it is packed with flaws galore, most of which are pulled out and highlighted in this postmortem. Grab a seat and enjoy the show.

The Satya Show’s postmortem of Singh is Bling starts off by criticizing actor Kay Kay Menon who plays an important role in the movie. As brilliant an actor he may be, KK has been wasted in Singh is Bling. And he gets to say nothing but two words throughout the length of the movie.

Moving on to the next character Lara Dutta who is apparently a karate expert imported from China. She talks funny, walks funny and even has the task of hitting at people’s private parts with a coconut during the night. Sickening.

There are so many similar flaws in the movie Singh is Bling. Keep watching this postmortem and you will find out why it is better to avoid this movie this weekend and every weekend after that.