Signs That Show How Cricket is Akin to Breathing in India

Signs That Show How Cricket is Akin to Breathing in India

Cricket in India is a religion. Like breathing, cricket is an essential component of everyday life.

1. If we don’t get our daily fix of cricket, it feels like someone has their hand on the jugular, blocking breathing circulation. Like breathing, we need cricket.

Cricket is Akin1

2. With the end of the IPL, cricket fans are gasping for air. The re-runs of IPL matches act as the oxygen mask that will help revive us.

Cricket is Akin2

3. Switch off the TV during a game of cricket and prepare to feel the wrath of the spectator. It’s kinda like holding someone’s nose to prevent them from breathing.

Cricket is Akin3

4. India losing a match is unbearable (especially to Pakistan). It feels like having your head submerged under water, gasping for air.

Cricket is Akin4

5. Containing the excitement when Sachin hits a ‘six’ or a ‘four’ is like trying to hold your breath for 2 minutes – just does not last that long!

Cricket is Akin5

6. Working late during an important cricket final makes any ‘super fan’ feel stifled. Running out in the open and catching the match at a local ‘paan waala’s’ shop is like breathing in fresh air.

Cricket is Akin6

7. That moment when your heart skips a beat and you catch your breath for countless seconds when India needs a 6 from one ball to win the match – and then heaving a sigh of relief when they do!

Cricket is Akin7

8. Not being able to watch cricket can really make some people go into a tizzy – kind of like looking for an inhaler when you can’t breathe.

Cricket is Akin8

9. An oxygen tank is needed when India loses to Pakistan. The oxygen supply seems to decrease. Just not done!

Cricket is Akin9

10. The entire nation collectively stopped breathing the day Sachin announced his retirement – heartbreak!

Cricket is Akin10