Shaadi Ya Barbaadi? – Decide After Watching This Video!

Getting married is one of the major and the most difficult decisions to be taken in life. Deciding to spend a whole life with a person and deciding a person to spend life with is what makes it intricate. On which criteria a partner should be chosen. As arranged marriages are more socially acceptable in India, the decision based on love is not a priority. But once the decision is made, the reason why person is getting married varies. When a person gets married, how his or her life changes is interesting. The difference has been explained in hilarious way in this video.

When girl’s father asks questions to a guy, they do not understand if someone says he is an artist with a great imaginations and dreams. What they understand is the salary and company of a guy. The money is important for successful marriage. But when it is given too much emphasis, it is unfair with guys. The reason is not clear for some people and when they are asked about it, they give strange and funny reasons that do not make sense. But they get married without knowing a strong reason. On the day of marriage they are telling everyone happily that they are getting married. After one month, their situation changes and they recommend bachelors to never get married. Watch this video to know whether getting married is the right thing to do.