Secret files on Netaji Subhas Bose were revealed by WB Govt, is there any new thing?

Very recently state of West Bengal government of India had released a series of 64 files which were marked as classified for long under their possession. These files are on the great freedom fighter and brave heart of India Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose whose death by airplane crash reported by Japan govt in 1945 is shrouded in mystery. Over the years many theories have been put forward about the accident which is told to be entirely false and Netaji was alive even after that. For last one or two years it is also been reported that even after independence the family members of Netaji were under the scanner of law enforcing agencies in India. The family members were regularly spied upon. It is also said that the central govt of India has a number of secret files in their possession also on the great man which will cause India’s foreign relation with some foreign countries to suffer deeply if those are brought into the light.

The video here shows the ceremony that was held recently in which the files were made public in Kolkata. The police commissioner Mr.Surajit K Purakayastha of Kolkata said that these files would be kept in glass cases in police museum in Kolkata for people to see. Now few days after the files were released people are really in a state of bewilderment. It is becoming very hard for the visitors to see what are actually in those files kept in glass containers. A CD or DVD is not available either so that people can see and read those in private. However the opposition leader of WB assembly Dr. Suryakanta Mishra of CPI(M) had said that there were no new things or startling revelations to see on those files.