Samsung’s Beautiful Initiative to Promote Road Safety

Statistics reveal that at least one individual dies every hour in a road accident in Argentina. The reports reveal that nearly 80% of these road accidents happen when vehicles try to overtake each other in the myriad single vehicle lanes in the country. No amount of awareness programs or initiatives could stop this from happening. And that’s when Samsung decided to jump in and help with an incredible initiative.

Concerned about the road safety in the country, the tech giant decided to roll out a line of trailers that come with screens attached behind them. Called the Safety Trucks, these trailers will feature a camera that captures images in front of the truck and then send them to four screens attached to the vehicle’s back door. The camera will transmit these images in a real time basis, thus playing out a video on the screens which show drivers behind these trailers what is in front of the heavy weight vehicle. This in turn allows them to pass these trucks safely without running into incoming vehicles from the opposite end. Such a beautiful initiative by Samsung should really be lauded as it aims to not only change lives for the better, but save them as well. Wish we could have more of these trucks in other countries like India as well.