When A Rich Guy Harasses A Girl Walking On Street

Having affluence does not give a right to behave indecently and without dignity. The spoiled brats of rich people do not understand it as they get everything so easy. They do not value it as it comes to them just by asking and they don’t know the struggle and price needs to pay for it. The lavish lifestyle is what everyone wants. But it is not to make people with less money miserable and helpless. Under the influence of money and power which comes with it, rich kids feel free to do anything, break rules and commit crimes as they assume their father’s money can get them out of it.

This video is about a rich guy in Audi harasses a girl walking on a street. He asks for an address, thanks her and leaves. As he goes ahead, he comes back after some distance to offer lift to her and her friend. She refuses and he can’t handle the refusal. He humiliates her by explaining how rich he is and where she stands in front of his property and lifestyle. She feels miserable and tries to take action against him. But her friend convinces her not to take any action against him as she also thinks his money can get him out of it. Standing up against injustice is right thing to do and this is the purpose of this video. Watch this video.