7 Amazing Remarks by Highly Technologically Challenged

Technologically Challenged

A variety of technological gadgets are impacting our personal and professional lives to a great extent. They have brought us lot of comfort and help in saving time. Gone are the days when withdrawing a small amount from the bank involved standing in long queues leaving behind all other tasks. Gone are the days when talking face to face with our loved ones left us impatient.

A single click on Skype is enough, now, to talk and see our loved ones who reside miles away.However, it is not uncommon to come across people even now, who still prefer to stay away from the internet, read the old good books only and depend on others, if they really need to use something technical.

Following Are Some Funny Remarks By The Highly Technologically Challenged……

Could you play a video for me on that……on that…..on that……yesss…You Tooth?
Hearing technical words repeatedly by others like YouTube and Bluetooth gives way to a newly born word: You Tooth……

YouTube and Bluetooth

Call to the telephone service provider office: Sir, this is really urgent. I entered my mobile number incorrectly while trying to recharge my phone. So, I understand that the number I entered received the recharge amount. Can you do something that the amount is again transferred to my account AUTOMATICALLY?

Post call: They don’t have their systems right. I mean, there should be such facility to revert the amount to the correct number.


What kind of job profile are you in: software or some other profile?

People fail to understand that software is a vast concept, and knowledge of which is used in various ways for multiple job roles.

software or some other profile

No No No…no photos through mails. Just give me a print…..a proper print. That’s it.

People who are not comfortable downloading attachments from emails prefer to have a hard copy of each and every document instead of a soft copy.

give me a print

Oh my God. Facebook? That means anybody who opens his laptop can see all your photos? Right?

People who are unaware of the privacy settings in Facebook consider it as something really dangerous that exposes our personal life to a great extent to the entire world!

Oh my God. Facebook

What? How did you talk with him? It’s been an hour and I can see you just typing without a word, and you’re telling me you talked to him???? When???

People who fail to understand the concept of text chat generally mistaken phrases like having a chat or speaking to as actually talking to someone in person.

Typing without a word

What do you mean by Click on My Computer? I am sitting here miles away in another country and you are asking me to come and click on your computer?

Rage of a customer who calls in technical support for the first time after encountering issues with a new laptop:)

Click on My Computer