PM Narendra Modi With Sundar Pichai at Google HQ Discussing The Vision Of Digital India

To make the dream of digital India become a reality, PM Narendra Modi has taken major steps by visiting Silicon Valley, meeting tech giants and discussing how lives of people can be made better through technology. The leaders of tech firms seem very much interested in collaborating with India to make people’s lives better. This video is about PM discussing his vision at Google Headquarters with CEO Sundar Pichai and steps to be taken to make India digital. Google employees had been working for 15 hours tirelessly and came up with 55 new projects and applications to turn ideas into execution to empower people through technology.

PM appreciates their efforts to work to solve problems by giving up their sleep and coming up with 55 applications. Google CEO Sundar Pichai declares that Google will be collaborating to Ministry of Indian Railways to give wi-fi connectivity to major 500 railway stations in the country. He mentioned that they will be starting with 100 of the busiest railway stations and till the end of the next year; they will cover nearly 400 railway stations. PM praises this project and ensures full support to this idea. PM shares his vision of technology from its evolution to the way technology is used in modern days. He adds humor in his speech to make people understand what was happening then and what is happening now. He finishes his speech by expressing gratitude to Google for their efforts to solve problems of people. Watch this video.