PM Narendra Modi Receives The Antique Idol Of Goddess Durga From Germany

In 2012 Indian Govt had informed Germany that an idol of goddess Durga that was more than one thousand years old which belonged to India was at the museum of Stutgart. At last after almost four years that antique idol was returned to India as Chancellor Angela Markel handed it over to Prime Minister Narendra Modi very recently. Political analyst are saying that Germany as a gesture of building a good and faithful relationship with India had done this. In fact this idol was in Kashmir, India. It was stolen by an international antique dealer and smuggle to Germany where it was bought. Later somehow it was traced back to the museum of Stutgart by Indian authority.

The video here is a news clip that has two different parts. In the first part it is shown that the antique idol which is being handed over to PM Modi by Chancellor Markel is a piece of work of art which belongrd to a rich noble family of Pulwama of Kashmir  long ago. The second part reveals that a man named Subhas Kapoor upon apprehended by Tamilnadu police a few years ago told that he stole this statue from India and sold it  Germany for 1.5 Crore India rupee. Subhas Kapoor was an Indian who ran an art gallery in US. He had stolen several antique pieces from India previously and sold it to foreign buyers before.