People Of Chennai Going Crazy While Determining Capital Of The City

The capital of the state is the vital city holding significance according to what that city contributes to the state. The government offices from where all the business takes place to run the city or it is a big part of heritage of the state or it is contributing to more extent to economy to build an empowered nation or there are huge number of criterion that can decide which city would be the capital of the state. The same goes with the nation. This is what happens while deciding the capital of the state or nation.

dBut when it comes to deciding the capital of a city, the chaos cannot be imagined. The chaos will take place due to the diverse opinions of locals to make their city as a capital of the city. It is the matter of pride and to save the pride people go to distances. This is what is happening in this video. The representatives of small cities of Chennai have gathered in a room to determine the capital of city. They have their own point of view and expressing their views based on features and value it will bring if made capital. They mention various names like Mylapore, AnnaNagar, T.Nagar, Vadapalani, Guiny, Adyar, Velachery and many more. But in the end, what happens will make you know the spirit of the city. Watch this video.