How People From Different Countries Around The World Say Famous Brand Names

Every language in the world has its own essence. The pronunciation varies and the meaning various though it spells the same. This makes it difficult for people from other countries or other continents around the world to learn any other language. In Chinese, a same word can be pronounced in 4 different ways has 4 different meanings. The Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and mastering pronunciation in that language can be of great help while learning other languages and precise pronunciation. The communication in native language in business interactions can greatly benefit businesses to grow and prosper.

The big brands have given name according to their native language or according to the last names of founders. In this video, BuzzfeedYellow asked Facebook fans to share videos of how they pronounce brand names of world famous brands – McDonald’s, Disney, Google and Coca-cola. People around the world submitted their videos of pronunciation in their languages. The English names have been pronounced differently in Chinese, French, Italian, Danish, Spanish, ASL, Korean, Arabic and many more. Some of the language literally change the meaning and difficult to identify the word. It is funny to watch and listen to their ascents. Each language has an innocence that proves its authenticity. Watch this funny video of people saying brand names in their languages.