EIC’s Outrage On Modi’s Foreign Trips Will Raise Eyebrows On His Way Of Working

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to USA to meet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and CEOs has been of great benefits to India. They are ready to invest in India to solve problems through technology. This is commendable and it will help his vision digital India to become a reality. His visit is in news for a lot many reasons than only about the investments and benefits India will be getting. His love for camera when he pushed Mark Zuckerberg on one side to give his full picture, what Satya Nadela did after his handshake with PM, his emotional outburst and much more.

This video is outrage by Saurabh Pant after knowing all the facts and figure, intentions and the vision of Modi behind visiting Silicon Valley. The points he mentioned using an entertaining way makes this outrage more interesting to watch. But the humor never interfered with the attention to the facts which is the core purpose of this video. He questions Modi’s intentions behind many controversial acts he did in visit. It raises questions about his true vision and the vision he is presenting. Throughout the video, laughter is guaranteed, the research is thorough and sarcasm is fantastic. In the end, the up sides of visit have been presented. Watch this video.