Watch Full Video Of Narendra Modi’s Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg At Facebook Headquarters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in silicon valley visiting global powerhouses of technology. He visited Facebook headquarters to meet Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to make India more developed through technology. As Facebook has brought the world closer, he intends to collaborate with facebook to make India digital, provide internet in every corner of India and empower people by providing the sources to gain knowledge. This video is an interaction session with Mark in which Narendra Modi talks about India’s future and Make In India campaign, his humble beginnings and his mother, how social media helps everyone including government, the significance of empowering woman and much more have been discussed.

Mark starts the interaction with a story about his visit to India to make his vision about Facebook clear after a recommendation from India and Modi praises his aspirations to connect the world through technology and what he has done till now. Mr. Modi mentions that India is full of skill, man power and raw material and these are things that investors won’t neglect, so it will make India a paradise for investors. How his mother made sacrifices and how powerful a woman can be has been explained by him to emphasize on the role of woman in empowerment of nation. A lot of topics have been discussed and this interaction is an inspiration for those who wish to make change in society as well as nation through technology. Watch this video.