What does Mumbai think about Making Out

While a lot of us have heard about having sex or making love, not many are aware of the term ‘making out’ in India. Many associate the term with either one of the two mentioned activities. However, making out refers to none of that. Making out is usually a term coined to indicate heavy petting, kissing or necking.  So let us find out exactly how much our Indians, especially our Mumbaikers know about ‘making out’.

Being Indian took to the streets of Mumbai recently to find out answers to the same question. The very first person questioned bounced back with a witty answer ‘I couldn’t make out what you said’. Some individuals mentioned that making out was just something friends who hung around did while some claimed that it was nothing but hormones kicking in.

Some tried to approach the concept in a scientific way, mixing physics, chemistry, biology and what not in their answers. When asked why it is called making out and not anything else, some chose to offer their own explanations that are truly hilarious.

Only a few managed to answer the question correctly. But the answers and explanations offered by the rest would definitely keep you laughing throughout the day. Check the video out!