After Watching This Video, You Will Definitely Miss Your Sister a Lot

When a brother and a sister are together, either they are talking to each other sweetly, speaking highly about every little achievement, funny moments they spent together, secrets they know about each other or they are fighting like hell, hold grudges against each other, talking about weaknesses of each other and threaten to reveal secrets to parents. This is the life of a brother and sister or any siblings living under one roof. Their fights and sweetness lives only for some moments. Something happens and the state of relation changes everything. They become sweet after few moments of fight and get bitter after few moments of being nice. They learn how to be friends.

They have each other’s back. If a brother comes late after spending whole day on playground, a sister convinces parents that he will study and when a sister comes late from parties, a brother keeps it secret from parents. But due to fight, they say things they should not say and this might hurt them. The words cannot be taken back, so only way to make up for their mistakes is to apologize. This is what happens in this video. A brother says he is happy as his sister is leaving in few months after getting married and a sister says smoke and dope, she doesn’t care. When they cool down, they realize how much they are going to miss each other. Watch this emotional video.