Mera Bharat NOT Mahaan! – Let’s End This Great Indian Circus!

We all might have been praising our country for its vibrant diversity and boast of its rich culture and heritage. But Mera Bharat Mahaan is not so Mahaan when it comes to ground reality. In reality we have hypocrite culture which preaches something and practices something else. The girls and women have no choice of their own but are guided by others as to what to eat, wear and even dream. We love blame game but get offended so easily just for a FB post or a comic gag. We speak big mouth about social issues on social media platforms but in real never care to address them. Listen to this thought provoking video where a joker brings the reality of our society and not so Mahaan India. As responsible citizens it’s time we stand up, raise our voice and take action else India will become a joke forever. Please watch and share