What Happens When Maid Prank Goes Terribly Wrong

When family members are working on full time jobs and it becomes difficult to balance house and office. The household chores like washing dishes, clothes, cleaning house, gardening and much more works that need our attention to keep life healthy by living in hygienic environment; we need someone who can take care of it. A maid servant does household chores so that we can focus more on work and career. They ease our household work and consequently, our life for spending their life on work of our house.

The treatment of respect and honor gives them satisfaction to work in our house. But this is not the way a target in this video operates. He wanted a maid and a special condition was that he wanted to interview them before hiring one. So his friends decided to play a prank with him and send a girl with a camera on her bag to his house. Whatever intentions that guy had were recorded on that camera. The guy demands everything and talks about crossing the line. At that time his friends intervene and what happens after they ask about the girl to him is worth watching. The guy is baffled and scared to death after knowing that everything has been recorded. Watch this video.