Mahatma Gandhi vs Narendra Modi – Watch Father Of The Nation In A Rap Battle With The Current PM

With an indomitable will and firm beliefs, he showed the way to independence to Indians. He never sacrifices his values and principles, always spoke the truth and believed in non-violence. With his enormous faith and unorthodox methods to get independence, he spent his whole life for making India independent and peaceful. He is the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

He used to work at tea stall in childhood, he never thought twice to jump in the river to save life of a child and who spent his whole life for the nation giving away worldly pleasures. He has an immense courage and chose his own path. He is the current prime minister, Narendra Modi.

Both of them are the leaders who lead India toward a great, peaceful and developed nation. They have their own visions and different ways to make India a great country on the map of the world. In this video, a rap battle between these two global leaders is entertaining to watch, but important to ponder upon the points they make in this battle. Mahatma Gandhi raises some questions about today’s condition of India and Narendra Modi answers him trying to make him understand why he is taking the action he is taking today. Watch this video.