This Is How Mahatma Gandhi Convinces Rahul Gandhi To Become PM

Mahatama Gandhi is father of nation, a true inspirational leader who never compromised his values and his efforts with other freedom fighters brought independence to our country. The independence is not everything. The struggle to lead nation to become empowered and developed still continues. The need of visionary will always be there. As per current circumstances, Rahul Gandhi is definitely not that visionary because of many things he has done including sleeping in parliament. He needs a mentor who can train him to be a political leader. Determining this need, Mahatma Gandhi himself came to him to convince and train him that he can become a great leader.

In this video, they create a scenario by telling Rahul that he accidentally ate poisonous pills and died. Rahul Gandhi seems negligent of who he is with and what he represents and he reacts stupidly to his questions. He also tries to relate himself with him by giving more stupid justifications. Eventually, Mahatma Gandhi becomes successful in convincing him that he can become PM. In the end, this is a ploy to convince Rahul through the greatest leader of nation. The twisted end will make you wonder what has to be done in politics. We can only hope Rahul Gandhi becomes a good political leader. Watch this video.