This Is What Happens When People Try To Live Without Mirror

A human being can live without food for 7 days, without water for several hours, can survive in water for several minutes without oxygen, and can hold the breath for several seconds; but one thing that is impossible to live without is looking into mirror. Even while walking on roadside, people have habit of looking into car’s mirror for few seconds and then walk on. The narcissists, self obsessed people use front camera of smartphone as a mirror to set hair, check out makeup and much more that concerns how they will look in front of others. They can skip meal for one time, but can’t skip a single opportunity to look into a mirror.

But what will happen if people start living without mirror? Will they stop caring about their appearance? In gym, people work out less and look into mirror more. Mirror is a vital part of life of human beings. In this video, people lived without mirror for 7 days and they are sharing their experiences. The life without makeup is unimaginable, but some of them expressed enjoyment, some of them felt weird and hesitated to look into eyes of others and some of them took help of their friends to shave and look good. Watch this hilarious video of people living without makeup.