Joota – A Short Film On A Life Of An Struggling Artist

The life of artist is uncertain in every way. Nobody knows what might happen the next moment. Mastering an art takes years and acceptance from audience is not guaranteed. The job is not guaranteed. The money is the most uncertain factor. The most difficult stage of an artist’s life is the beginning. When he puts himself out there in the world, a lot of rejections, discouragement and failures are inevitable. This short film is about a painter who is trying to make life out of his art. He has a roommate who recommends him to take a job and leave painting which doesn’t give him a dime. He humiliates him by showing off his expensive shoes and asks him to do daily chores of room.

On that day, he has an interview and wears those expensive shoes of his friend without his knowledge. He visits a temple to take blessings for interview. After coming out of temple, he realizes that his shoes have been stolen. The entire journey to office of an interview and from office to room has been done with socks with holes. When his roommate comes to know that his shoes are missing, he humiliates him again. He tells the truth, but he doesn’t listen and throws him out of room. This artist goes to beach and using his art, he returns his roommate’s shoes. Watch how he manages to return his shoes.