This Short Film Starring Jackie Shroff Shows How Pure A Father-Daughter Relation Is

The relationship between a father and his daughter is one of the purest of all the bonds that we share in our lives. As it is evident in most of the households that a daughter is always more loved by her father; it’s not that her mother doesn’t love her as much, but the connection that she shares with her father is different in a very adorable way. A father acts as a guardian; he makes sure that his daughter is protected against any harm that might threaten her. A father acts as a teacher; when a daughter is young, he showers her with all the love that he can, but also tells her the way of the world so that she is able to make decisions for herself when she grows up.

But the one role that a father plays is probably the most relishing part of the father-daughter relationship, and that is the role of a friend. A father is the best friend of his girl when she is a child, and continues to be so throughout her life. Probably this is why it is said that a father is the first man any girl falls in love with; it is certainly one of the most selfless and pristine of all relationships.

Here is a short film featuring Jackie Shroff which underlines why a father-daughter relationship is so lovely. Check it out!