Irrfan Khan Teaches Us About Bollywood Party Songs!

Do you find something common in all Bollywood party songs? ‘Meaningless’ and ‘awkward’ catchy lyrics repeated several times during the song, a fast hip-hop musical track, awkward video composition and few foreign girls scantily dressed, a swimming pool or a night-club, and there it is – a ‘superhit’ party song! Every time you watch a Bollywood party song, and you wonder what’s new in it, except another meaningless lyrics and some new faces! Even sometime it feels like that Musicians in the new song just rearrange their old tracks and publish the new one, just like old wine in new bottle! If you ever wonder like such, then don’t worry, famous AIB group and fantabulous Irrfan Khan came out with a spoof video by echoing your feelings!

AIB group team up with Irrfan Khan to give a ‘hilarious’ salutation to all party songs made in Bollywood. Well, AIB members are seeing to have a chat with Irrfan Khan as they want to made a video with Irrfan! Irrfan and his assistant are seen to be bragging about the exceptional talent of Irrfan and discussing about all his great roles! Both, Irrfan and his assistant tell AIB members that he can do anything. AIB members are quick enough to remind Irrfan that he has not done a party song yet. Irrfan instantly takes the challenge and sheds down his natural ‘intense’ image to match his feet with the party numbers. He dresses up with bright Jackets, shorts, hats and aviators! And how brilliantly he has done it! Yes, it is just bang on target! He teaches the AIB fellows how to groove with party numbers of Bollywood, with a spectacularly penned down satirical lyrics regarding the party songs made in Bollywood! And we have no doubt that Irrfan Khan can do anything! To know more about lyrics and to watch the funny moments in the video, just watch this video!