Girls Say When On their Periods “Being Down” This is The Time To Change It #imnotdown

When women are on their periods, if someone ask about their health, why will they say that they are down? Here in this video, Sofy have made an experiments on three girls when they are on their periods. Surprisingly, they have told that they don’t feel bad, or low or sad on periods. They wear the same clothes as they wear before, they go to work the same way as they already did.Nothing is special on that day. And after asking the question that why they call it as “being low”?, they said that they have mindlessly been using this term since forever.

Having period is a very natural process which will make you feel like a healthy woman. A period isn’t the most comfortable feeling. But yes, it doesn’t have to be as drastic when you are down. you will rather say that you are not at your best instead of saying “Being down”. Periods are the sign of being healthy, they are the sign of being a woman. Say What You Feel. #imnotdown