Husban(ne)d – A Hilarious Video of the Plight of Indian Husbands

There’s a very common saying among South Indians that goes like this ‘Thavalai than vaayalaye kedum (A frog’s mouth is the ultimate cause for its suffering)”. As this video goes to prove, this saying also applies to one other living organism on earth; the quintessential Indian husband.

Presenting to you the video Husban(ne)d which shows the plight of more than one Indian husband out there. Like the frog whose croaking gives it away, the husband’s mouth and actions are the sole causes for his downfall. Don’t believe us. Consider these few examples as shown in the video.

Example 1: His wife asks him what’s on TV and he casually replies “Dust”.

Example 2: Being irresponsible, lazy and downright disrespectful of everyone and everything around him.

Example 3: Sucking at multi-tasking.

Example 4: Replying back even when his wife says ‘What???’

Example 5: Making a mockery of her serious requests.

Example 6: Telling the truth even if you are not supposed to.

and above all;

Example 7: Gifting her a really useful gift like a weighing machine.

The list goes on and on and on. Apparently, the organism called the Indian husband has a lot to learn when it comes to playing the right tunes at the right time. Until then, he would have to face his share of issues caused by how own words. It all ends with this one remark made by an anonymous person (thank God for him), ” A husband’s life is always like a walk in a park. But the park is Jurassic park.”