How Indians Do Online Shopping

How Indians Do Online Shopping


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Globally, Indians have been very slow acceptors of online shopping.  For years they have been used to buying in a brick and mortar set-up where they can touch and feel the product before purchasing. So even if they are shifting to online platform, their buying behavior remains almost similar.

1. Window Shopping

It is not necessary that every time you go out shopping you have to purchase something. Sometimes you just want to know what is there in the market. With online shopping, window shopping is that much easier. This has been confirmed by online tracking by shopping websites, who find that Indians tend to fill their carts with items that catch their fancy but log out without purchasing.

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2. Tracking The Best Deals

Online shopping makes price comparison very convenient. A typical trait in Indian consumers is that they are willing to wait till they get the best deal on their product.

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3. Check For Credibility Of Store

Since so many cases of fraudulent websites have made the headlines, the cautious Indian buyer prefers visiting only those websites that offer reliability in product quality, price, delivery and after-sales service. Since they tend to seek recommendations from peer groups, many shopping websites have adopted community approach and replacement/money back policies.

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4. Haggling For Best Price

While many items on websites are already discounted, Indian buyers search for further discounts by means of gift vouchers or coupon codes. This is why there is an increased download of apps that provide the best deals.

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5. Shop Together

Shopping is a time for female bonding while the men folk (majority) look at it as a chore. This leads to disgruntlement which can be easily avoided by online shopping. Now the whole family can be together and shop together too.

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6. Online Shopping: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Though there are still a few people who prefer to check online for best prices but then finally buy it from a shop they know, their numbers are dwindling. According to statistics Indian women will be responsible for over $3 billion in terms of e-shopping.

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7. Final Purchase

The COD facility offered by websites has become very popular with the Indian women. But more popular is the strategy that allows for exchange or return if the product is not to your liking. This has removed the final obstacle from the minds of cautious Indian buyers.

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