How Do Our Bollywood Heroes Fare Against Cartoons?

Our Bollywood celebrities are considered as the epitome of stardom. They can be gentle, they can be rough. They can dance, they can fight. And when it comes to winning hearts, they go a great job at it at the end of the day. But when faced with a competition that pits them against our favorite cartoons and their songs, how to they fare? Check this video made by Bollywood Gandu that features our Bollywood stars dancing to the tunes of some of the most popular cartoon songs we have grown up hearing over the years.

The first song in the list is the song from the cartoon series Duck Tales that has our very own Shahid Kapoor shaking a leg to it. He does a great job at it too. Then we have the title song of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles danced to by Ranbir Kapoor who doesn’t miss even a beat.

Then comes Shahid Kapoor (again) and Sonakshi Sinha who literally storm the floor (or ground) with their classy  moves for the song from Pink Panther. Ranbir Kapoor appears again in just a towel for the song ‘Jungle Jungle’ from Jungle Book. Then our very own Disco Dancer Mithun Da sends his tribute to the song Scooby Doo Where Are You.

Check out the other cartoon songs that are imitated by our Bollywood stars here..