Social Prank: How Do Hate Videos Spread Quickly On The Internet

Social media has taken over the world by storm and how! It has become the number one platform to share information across the world. And when we mean information, we mean both the good and bad aspects of it. Sadly, these days social media has started becoming a platform to spread hate videos and information that has a negative influence on the minds of the viewers. Here is one such video that shows this to perfection. Carried out as a social prank, this video is a great example of how the social media is a highly sensitive and volatile platform that can be easily misused by certain individuals to spread unrest among social circles.

The video starts with an individual asking people for directions to a place. He casually asks the individual’s their names to adjudge their religions. He then takes them aside and speaks to them in private. He reveals that he is part of a religious outfit (a Hindu outfit for Hindus and an Islamic outfit for Muslims) and tells that it is his job to spread awareness of what is happening in the country. He then starts speaking badly about the opposite religion and tells them that it is their responsibility to do something about them. He then proceeds to show them a hate video (again a different one for each religion) and asks them to share the video on their social networking platforms. See what these individuals do and be shocked to learn the true ways in which hate videos are being forwarded on the internet these days.