This Comedian Explains How Break-ups And Shopping With Girlfriend Are Funny

Having a girlfriend is a good thing or a stressful thing is subjective. Everyone does not have the same experience. There are ups and downs in every relationship. It is matter of a person and how he or she thinks of it. But there are some things common in relationship. The experiences vary, but the context remains the same. The places, intensity of experience and situations are different, but some things are common. When a guy has a break-up, his friends are so prone to go for a drink. To get him out of that situation, their solution is ready. Get high, get over her.

This is a common scenario among the youth. There are some friends who do not need a specific reason or problem. Their solution is getting high to forget the tragedy. This has been explained hilariously by comedian Aakash Mehta in this video. In second part of video, he talks about going for shopping with girlfriend. What happens with a boy, only boys can understand. A boy doesn’t get to choose anything; he just has to approve what his girlfriend chooses. Girls need their boyfriend for approval only. And boys have to go through the boring experience of lifting bags and listening to things that matter less to them. Watch this video.